Jun 16, 2011

How WIN/WIN Strategy Can Help Old and New Economy in Europe?

Looking at global start-ups boom I need to consider that it looks similar in all over the world. But there is one important thing - environment.  It's different: in America it's easy to achieve investment and in case of fail nobody look at entrepreneur as at social misfit. In Europe ecosystem miss a lot serial businessmen and risk investment as such. Majority of investments are coming from Enterprises. Old economy of Europe consider innovations as future benefits for industry. That's why probably European start-ups ecosystem count on this productive dialog between old and new economy.

Today I'm talking with Johannes Bischof, Managing Director of Konica Monolta in Austria. This comapny became main sponsor and supporter of StartUp Europe initiative, a huge event which will take place in the beginning of October in Vienna. More details about this start-up festival for Central and Eastern Europe I will write in next posts.


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