Jun 7, 2011

Video-interview with Olver Holle, CEO at TheMerger.com: Pitch in lift is the worse way to obtain investment!

I'm starting a series of video interview with European and Russian experts, businessmen and investors. Those tips are for everybody, who would like to become an entrepreneur or create any kind of idea.

First guest in my blog is Oliver Holle.

Oliver is a serial entrepreneur in the internet/multimedia/mobile space. He is CEO at TheMerger.com, a European investment boutique with a special focus on merging small to medium sized companies from the mobile and Internet applications business. Today he explains, why it's so important to think globally, but react locally.

Communication with such kind of person can really safe time and nervous of startuppers. So listen, guys! Your questions and comments are always welcome.

What to do: make a copycat from American proven business model or to create implement idea? If this question is actual for you – find out answer here!

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