Jul 3, 2011

Google Plus or Minus?

Seems it's coming same information wave with Google+ as it was with Google Buzz. Media and bloggers are trying to define benefits and disadvantages for this new social communications tool. I would rather say about why people will be interested in Google+?

Google+ provides now better services comparing with Facebook:

  • Possibility to divide contacts based on type of communication. For example, colleges and friends, customers and partners (acquaintance), family and etc. Also based on this conditions you can customize your information wave (aka Wall in Facebook) to each of communication type.
  • Spam filter (no updates from groups and fan pages). It means minimization of social noise from your circles and customization of information wave based on your interests.
  • Video chat (Hangouts) directly in browser, which allows to communicate with your circles through instant text chat and conference call (up to 10 people). No additional apps downloads needed.
  • User-friendly and clear interface, which was already mention by thousands of people all over the world.
  • Aggregation settings. Google+ has tentacle-like reach into every part of you Google world and connections. Plus it has connection to your Yahoo! and Hotmail accounts.
  • Integration of social network with Google Apps, which will make it amazing tool for sharing everything.

From my point of view it's a new ingratiation of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter social networks, well customized for any needs. Something universal, one point for entrance, which let people to communication easy in one click.

Suppose those advantages might help Google+ to become a favorite social toy for people in the future. But we also need to consider reply from Facebook side, which announced about sooner Skype integration. Plus Facebook has already 750 millions users, who are already quite familiar with that social network environment. So Google+ really needs creatively attract users.

If you do not have jet account to test Google+, read this interesting article: how to hack Google+ and reach invitation or just contact me and I will send it to you :)

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