Aug 23, 2011

Like Putin - a new Russian web game. Don't pass it!

Today I would like to shere with you some fun. A new promo game “Like Putin. Прокачай свой ВВП” – new Russian web-hit. In this game you can lead Mr.Putin (x-president of Russia) through web sites while completing different tasks. It’s ridiculous because web sites content is also connected with those tasks. I would rather say that it looks like a Magnum Pleasure Hunt. With Mr. Putin (similar as a with a girl from Magnum Pleasure Hunt project) you need to run through web sites and gather some bonuses (gold coins) to increase your score in game. You can manage the hero while clicking on keyboard keys (left, right, space).
The main idea is that web sites conent is based on last popular news regarding Mr.Putin in Russia. For example, on the web site about auto Mr.Putin is getting into the car Kalina and driving directly to YouTube. Then he is singing well-known “Blueberry Hill” :) and finally fighting with some ninjas… That is not all! Just try it by yourself to see the end of game.

The project if not a part electioneering. It just… self PR for Agency One. From my point of view it is creatively different. The game was created during 3 months. And in first 4 hours of its launching it was played by over 50 000 users. And now try it and share your opinion regarding the Russian gumption!

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